Standard work to replace Analytics Core Committee

June 29, 2018

Dear ACReS User,

On June 29, 2018 we graduated Analytics Core to standard work from the previous labor-intensive review process that socialized and directed data requests. When Analytics Core was established in 2012, we set out to understand and connect our main analytics and data processes in support of informing our hospital in a more efficient way. We now have the data to enable another improvement, this time toward efficiency.

We have come a long way since 2012. Our teams have since developed, promoted, and integrated new technologies into the fabric of everyday work, enabling providers and staff to make data-driven decisions faster and easier. As such, the routing of data requests is not a group activity today like it was in 2012.

Standard work developed by the Analytics Core will continue to drive the intake and timely triage of data requests as well as connect key oversight. To achieve this, the ACReS system will continue to be the primary method to intake new requests from throughout UCM/BSD, supporting wayfinding among the 20 different data teams. The routing process continues as current, based on a previously established algorithm from input by all teams. The revised process maintains several key processes:  QI vs research  determination, Interventional Model Committee (IMC) review, and HIPAA Privacy Program approval.

Summary of changes as of June 29, 2018:

  • Analytics Core is disbanded, giving the organization back valuable time.
  • ACReS remains the centralized intake tool for data and analytics requests.
  • Data & Analytics (DNA) continues to manage the request routing process.
  • For complicated requests, the 20 different data teams have an escalation pathway to connect to high volume data providers from Data & Analytics (DNA), Chicago Biomedical Information Services (CBIS), Center for Research Informatics (CRI), University of Chicago Physician Group (UCPG), and Office of Managed Care (OMC).

For information on the status of a request, please reach out to your assigned analyst directly.

Thank you,

Mike Wall and Rick Bacon
UChicago Medicine